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Jan Matsys, Lot and His Daughters, 1565 | “Yeah, I’m bangin’ my father, so Lot?”

Time To Include Pornhub In The Emmy Nominations? How Did Folks Become So Nonchalant About Familial Incest Fantasies? SPOILER: Well, It Started With The Sopranos

The Words Of The Lord Thy God Whose Name We All Take In Vain Condemn Incest Especially Leviticus Who Was Really Pissed About It

Iteth Ain’teth Ineth Thy Bible Asith God Sayeth Noeth Toeth Firstist Cousinsith

TRANSLATION: It Ain’t In The Bible As God Says NO To First Cousins

Cash Donations Plus Over 30,000 Bottles Hot Sauce Donated FeedingAmerica.org

BOTCHED WARNER MEDIA BACKED DOMAIN NAME HIJACK ATTEMPT | WORLD’S FOREMOST DOMAIN NAME CYBERSQUATTERS DISCOVERED HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT | #ICANN How Is A Company That Is Hoarding Over 2 Million Domain Names NOT A CYBERSQUATTER? How Does That Work? How Could THEY Not Be Infringing On Trademarks? Turns Out They Were | 6–21–2020 Any Errors? Omissions? Email DaileyPike@msn.com for prompt correction. 6–8–2021 No Response From Warner Media

House Of The Dragon dot com The Movie | A Story Of Unintended Consequences

Dailey Pike aka Soyracha

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