Bieb You, Motherbieber | The Birth Of Bieb Latin

Replacing curse words, racial epithets, pejoratives, with BIEB, BIEBED, BIEBING as verbs, and BIEBER as noun would eliminate the need for single letter code words. BIEBIN’ as adverb/adjective. Let’s call it Bieb Latin.

Whuddup my biebers?

The N word, the B word, the F word, what the bieb? Soon we’ll be out of biebin’ letters of the alphabet. Wow, that’s some bullbieb! Man, what a bunch of horsebieb! Eat bieb, biebsucker!

Simply put, fuck you! becomes BIEB YOU!

Motherfucker becomes MOTHERBIEBER!

Many of you might now be asking, “What the bieb are you talking about, you stupid biebin’ idiot?” Why are you being such a biebhole?

Well ya dumb bieber, it’s bieber as the positive, to the negative of what happened to santorum. You know, Rick Santorum.

Using Bieb, Bieber, and Biebin’ to replace all those ugly words is a good thing.

And he’ll forgive me for doing it because he’s a biebin’ Christian, so bieb you haters!

Don’t Google it. Santorum. Or do. What the bieb do I know? Who the bieb am I to tell you what the bieb to do, not do, know, not know, I mean… motherbieber y’all!

Apologies to Bieber’s actual mother but this is about linguistics and world peace.

Because how can a gal get upset when another gal calls her not a stupid bitch! but a STUPID BIEBER!

Or instead of the C word calls her a DUMB BIEBER!

Or how can a guy get upset when another guy says hey I BIEBED YOUR MOM after I shaved her back.

A fella might get mad about the shaved his mom’s back part, but certainly not the biebed your mom part.

Your mom might actually want Justin Bieber to BIEB her.

Wow, and then your mom would say, she’d say all excited, “Give it to me! Oooooh, yeah, in the BIEB shoot Justin! Yeah, like that! Biebdamn! Bieb me baby! Oh! Bieb! Biebin’ bieb me!”

And he’d start biebin’ you real good but stop in midstroke and say, “I can’t, I love Selena, uhm bieb, I mean Hailey. But when I’m biebing Hailey lately, when I’m biebing her, I keep seein’ her biebin’ uncle Alex Baldwin’s face. BIEB!!!!”

“What the me?”

What the bieb? That’d biebin’ sober you up quick. If you were banging Hailey and her face morphed into her uncle’s. Bieb! Alex Baldwin’s poor biebin’ wife what’s her name has to look at that actual biebin’ face day and night. BTW, how did Alex Baldwin, that motherbieber, escape the #MeToo movement unscathed? You gotta be biebin’ kidding me. And if you didn’t like this story, go bieb yourself. Bieb off bro. Eh? My bieber? What’s that? Bieb me??? Bieb you, you biebin’ biebhead. You out of your biebin’ mind?




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