Bieb You, Motherbieber | The Birth Of Bieb Latin

Replacing curse words, racial epithets, pejoratives, with BIEB, BIEBED, BIEBING as verbs, and BIEBER as noun would eliminate the need for single letter code words. BIEBIN’ as adverb/adjective. Let’s call it Bieb Latin.

“What the me?”

What the bieb? That’d biebin’ sober you up quick. If you were banging Hailey and her face morphed into her uncle’s. Bieb! Alex Baldwin’s poor biebin’ wife what’s her name has to look at that actual biebin’ face day and night. BTW, how did Alex Baldwin, that motherbieber, escape the #MeToo movement unscathed? You gotta be biebin’ kidding me. And if you didn’t like this story, go bieb yourself. Bieb off bro. Eh? My bieber? What’s that? Bieb me??? Bieb you, you biebin’ biebhead. You out of your biebin’ mind?




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