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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Pod Foods

    Pod Foods

    growing brands into retail

  • RLZ


  • Gholamreza Zare

    Gholamreza Zare

    Writer, Coder, Ph.D. candidate (Software engineering), IT Manager, ghrzarea@gmail.com, https://amazon.com/author/zare, https://gholamreza-zare.medium.com/member

  • Human Improved

    Human Improved

    Writing about finances, self-improvement and life tricks. | Stock Market and Crypto Analyst

  • Zachary Phillips

    Zachary Phillips

    ✍🏿 Poet - On a journey of self discovery πŸ“š

  • Thejaswini Nuthi

    Thejaswini Nuthi

  • Wisdom Writer: Kanwaldeep Singh

    Wisdom Writer: Kanwaldeep Singh

    Till the master sits outside, there can be no enlightenment inside. Change your life by Mastering Hope, Love, Wisdom & Strength. Writing on kindlethemaster.com

  • Pedro Escudero

    Pedro Escudero

    Director of engineering. Python & Ruby lover. Writer & role player (four fiction books published in Spanish). I never surrender. Now in Berlin.

  • Charlie


    writing for fun.

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