Dailey Pike aka Soyracha
3 min readJan 1, 2018


Our Online Movies 24/7 Live Streaming Channels List

Like cable TV has channels for Sports News Movies Cooking etc… Soyracha TV Network has “channels” based on popular, high ranking KEYWORDS meant to increase search engine visibility for those search terms.

Here are top keywords like Movie Theater, Online Movies, Free Movies and specialty keywords involving specific regions, popular culture, beer, and hot sauce.

Because the programs are LIVE STREAMING, happening right now, search engine rankings “favor” them for these keywords.

Soyracha TV Network is powered by Livestream, the premier live event provider recently acquired by Vimeo, which adds to search engine credibility, increasing organic reach.

This reach we expand even more with paid advertising on both Facebook and Google.

And if you think this idea is completely crazy let me provide the “provenance” of Yuks® TV, which is the flagship of Soyracha TV Network, in the form of this 2006 New York Times article.

All channels are 1 Click watch and the livestream begins playing immediately. The simple aesthetic design of each channel allows for only one choice which is the beauty of the Soyracha TV network.

Overchoice is a confirmed psychological effect. Given too many choices people give up. Soyracha network TV is “the cure for overchoice.”To Watch Or Not To Watch — That Is The ONLY Question

The success on our approach can be verified and backed up with real time DATA.