#Shocking #HouseOfTheDragon #BreakingNews #Kincest #Unrest

After A Year Of Shaming #WarnerMedia #HBO They Listened | Stories I Wrote Below Hit A Medieval #MeToo Nerve?

11–11–2021 Game of Thrones’ Original Taboo Romance Was Even Worse Than What We Got. Incestuous romance was a huge part of Game of Thrones from the start, but a scrapped plan for one relationship could have ruined the franchise.

11–3–2021 House of the Dragon will have a ‘different tone’ from Game of Thrones

11–2–2021 Gemma Whelan says lack of direction while filming Game of Thrones sex scenes led to ‘a frenzied mess

#Breaking House Of The Dragon News

8–2–2021 Jason Momoa Did Not Appreciate ‘Icky’ Question About ‘Game Of Thrones’

“No Egregious Graphic Violence” Says Actress Olivia Cooke

Dailey Pike’s #HouseOfTheDragon #Parody Filmography

House Of The Dragon Parody PLOT Explainer Video

House Of The Dragon Parody Trailers

Dailey Pike’s #HouseOfTheDragon #Parody Short Film THE DANCERS




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Dailey Pike aka Soyracha

Dailey Pike aka Soyracha

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