Kitty IS The Litter Box — 3D Modigli Kitty Covered With A Rare #Modigliani Landscape — #3D Printable

The School of Adobe — An Unrecognized Art Movement

The School of Adobe is a three decade old art movement that teaches digital artistry. It is the first worldwide art movement whose artists create from studios around the world, individually and collectively. The School of Adobe is a heretofore unrecognized school of art where artists are taught, ubiquitously, via the internet. This revolutionary modern day movement has unleashed a flood of creativity unlike anything since The School of Paris in the early 1900’s. Who reading this will be the digital Picasso? Soutine? Chagall? Modigliani?

#3D Museum Created From INSTAGRAM Posts

#360 #VR Soyracha Dragon Workout With Prop Guy — Premiere Pro CC

#360 #VR #QR #Timelapse — Premiere Pro CC

Dragon As Kim Jong Un NewTek NDI Enabled LIVE Broadcast On Periscope & Twitter Via Adobe Character Animator CC

Dragon #360 Photography — Photoshop CC

Federal Bar North Hollywood

Dragon As Kim Jong Un Sings “Tiny Fingers” — Audition CC

Photography — Photoshop CC



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